Avoid admin to add apps to app list

  • 14 October 2021
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hello everyone,


Is there anyway that we can avoid admin adding apps to be automated to app list?




Best answer by Ayelet_Gazit 29 August 2022, 15:01

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3 replies

Hi @murali K​ ,

Application has to be allowed in order to be able to automate on them.

Can you elaborate more on the challenge you are facing?

Thanks for your response.

I am not seeing any issue while adding or automating app afterwards.

Just wanted to know if there is any workaround for bypassing admin adding apps. Trying to see how this dependency can be bypassed in real time.

Is there any reason for enforcing this admin stuff?​


Of course, there is a reason. Kryon Studio is accessing OS information, and we want to make sure it only access the information it is allowed to access.

The only bypass is to add the app via Kryon Admin ? ...