Automating workflow designer applications (mouse select & drag)

  • 28 August 2020
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Kryon community,

I am totally new in Kryon and I was trying to recording some steps we do in a tool like a workflow designer. In one of the steps I want to automate, we move the mouse to a block, click on it (select it), and wait for the mouse cursor to change to a cross.  The cross indicates we can draw a routing arrow to the next block in the workflow (please watch the design_example video attached). Basically the steps are click on the source block, move the mouse to the center of the block, the mouse cursor changes to a cross, click and drag the arrow to the destination block.

I have tried the same in a known application like PowerPoint but it does not work either, the recording does not record all steps. (please watch the powerpoint_example video).

If there is no way to do with recording, is there any way to do these steps with script? If yes, can I receive some example.

Thanks in advance

Robson Reis

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

7 replies

Additional Information: There is no keyboard shortcut to use to create a routing arrow from one block to another, it must be through mouse click/hold drag.

Hi Robson,

In Kryon Studio there is an Advanced command called "Drag & drop". Using this command you can drag the cursor to the desired position. it will do the work that you want, which was shown in in the video.


  1. You need to click to the position that you want
  2. Using "Drag & drop" Advanced command from the current mouse position move it to the next point. You can use variables to point the X and Y axis. See below screenshot.

Please see the attached wizard in .lwiz format. It is a sample how to use the Drag and drop Advanced command and how to get the desired mouse position.

Many thanks Artur. I will try that. I was stuck with the your previous answer, I could found the drag and drop, added it but when I was pressing ok the application was saying it drag and drop was not allowed on that position and would be removed. I will open the lwiz you sent me now. Many thanks!

I really appreciate. I should do the training first, I know, and I will.

You can use that command only on the visual step, in other words you need to record the page, and do the first click on that page then select go to advanced command when step ends and add that drag and drop advanced command to the end part of that visual step.

With your sample I could move forward, many thanks one more time.

Artur - you rock!​