How Does The Document Generation Action Process Requests Within SharePoint?

  • 26 March 2021
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How does the Document Generation action process requests within SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016?



The Document Generation action utilizes the Nintex Live service to process and complete document generation requests. 

The Nintex Azure External Start service will be the proxy for all requests between SharePoint and Nintex Live. These communication between Nintex Live and SharePoint are secured through a TLS connection, and the service does not store or persist any customer data; the data only exists in memory for the life of the request (typically about 20 seconds, depending on the document package and data). The generated documents are retained for only the time the workflow engine waits for DocGen to complete and retrieves the files.

Nintex Live will obtain the document template from Nintex Azure Blob Storage during execution time and pass the content DocGen API (there is no intermediate persistence at this phase as all processing takes place in memory). Generated documents are then temporarily stored in blob storage and are removed after they have been successfully downloaded to the customer selected storage. 

If for some reason the document cannot be successfully returned to the SharePoint environment after the request has been completed, the document produced by DocGen is stored temporarily up to 14 days in Nintex Azure Blob Storage. Once the document is downloaded, it is removed from this blob storage.


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