Moving Nintex Workflow Data Into New Database

  • 15 February 2022
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How to move or split workflow information to a new content database.



  1. Sign into one of the SharePoint servers with a farm account (account that has full access to each workflow database). If needed create the new database where workflow data will be moved.
  2. Backup databases involved in data move.
  3. Collect the full connection strings for both the "source database" and the "target database". For example: Data Source=MyDatabaseServerName;Initial Catalog=MyDatabaseName;Integrated Security=True
  4. Navigate to Nintex Workflow Management > Database Setup > Manage database mappings.
  5. Update the database mapping so that it reflects the new database configuration.
  6. Navigate to the site collection where workflow data is being moved.
  7. De-activate/re-activate the Nintex Workflow Site Collection features to update the database mapping.
  8. Stop the Workflow Timer Service within the SharePoint farm.
  9. Stop the IIS Site where workflow data is being moved.
  10. Open a SharePoint Management Shell and run the following command:
    NWAdmin.exe -o MoveData -Url <siteCollectionUrl> -SourceDatabase <connection string> -TargetDatabase <connection string>
For example: NWAdmin.exe -o MoveData -Url -SourceDatabase "Data Source=WorkflowDatabaseServer;Initial Catalog=NintexConfigurationDatabase;Integrated Security=True" -TargetDatabase "Data Source=WorkflowDatabaseServer;Initial Catalog=NintexContentDatabase2;Integrated Security=True" 
  1. Start the IIS site and Workflow Timer Service again.
Note : 1.   Movedata command  moves  the Workflow history of the workflows from the Source Site Collection.
           2.   After the data is moved, the source content database must remain in place until the redirects added by the MoveData operation have been cleaned up. To clean up redirects, use the CleanTaskDirects operation.
           3.  This moves historic data for the workflows which only have workflow progress data. 

For more information on using NWAdmin, see the Nintex NWAdmin Operations Guide.


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