Workflow ended unexpectedly without any error

  • 13 July 2021
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I need a support regarding unexpected workflow ends.

I have more that 1000 lines in the list with column named "days left", an my workflow starts every day to decrease the "days left" column by 1.


This is how the workflow is designed (screen from the workflow progress page):

I assume that green blocks where finished, the last one was not even started - am I right?


 The question is then why last stage wasn't deployed and stops unexpectedly?



On the Detailed workflow page I have following comments:

time  error  comment
13.07.2021 Error An error occurred in the Workflow "Workflow name"
13.07.2021 Error For more information, please go to



Can you support me to find out the solution?


1 reply

I just make some investigation and seems that last stage deploys the following workflow:

at first it collects items list id's and store the data in collection. Then iterates thru the id's and updates the column under conditions. However it goes thru the list change all items where needed but than it hangs or provoke error. How to stop it shall i back to the original workflow which deploys the subworkflow? How loop is working -  des it stop automaticly when reach the last index... because from my observation sth happens when the loop is finished... see the work progress page: