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  • 10 January 2023
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On our SharePoint environment I’ve created a simple list which will be used for whistleblowers to reveal information. We have a checkmark on the form where they can specify if they want to do the report anonymously or not. SharePoint has 2 standard list columns ‘Created by’ and ‘Modified by’ which always get the logged in username. Is there a way through a workflow (maybe use 2 seperate lists with a copy mechanism or….?) how we can get these reports 100% anonymous?


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2 replies

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One thing you could do is change the input form to be a workflow start form instead of an item form.  If the anonymous box is checked, create an item in the list using web request/service account instead of the create item action.  Then the created by name would be the service account and not the initiator of the workflow.

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Fixed it by putting every field of my form in a workflow variable and then create a new item in a duplicate list and put the variables inside. Also the ‘Add item’ action is initiated by the workflow owner, and not by the workflow starter.