Tasks get stuck (status not started / outcome pending)

  • 26 March 2024
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good afternoon, many of our tasks get stuck, the person approves but the task is not started / pending instead of being completed / approved. however inside the task the outcome is approved. because of this happening the workflow does not advance to the next branch. and we don't know when this happens, because the task is not in error, we only know when this happens when we enter the task.
does anyone know how to solve this problem? any tips? thank you all 



3 replies

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Hi @afonso, first off, I wanted to mention that this may or may not be related to your LazyApproval issue you’re experiencing.


The easiest thing to check is if there’s any workflows published on your task list that start on item modifications. If there’s such a workflow, and depending on what it’s doing, the list workflow (from which the task originated) and the workflow on the task list may interfere with each other and bring this workflow and related tasks to a halt.


Additionally, you can try creating a new task list, and configure your workflow to use the new task list and see if issues persist. 


If the above isn’t relevant or doesn’t help, there’s likely an issue occurring on the backend which would only appear in the ULS logs in SharePoint. I’d suggest working with Nintex Support ( to collect verbose logs for them to review and determine a path forward for you.

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Hi @afonso 
Did this response solve your question?

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@nicksha @MillaZ Hello, thank you for your help but unfortunately the problem remains unsolved. we have already spoken directly to nintex support and they have not provided a solution. we are still looking for a solution to this problem.