sudden workflow error on very wf that was not changed at all

  • 31 May 2023
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I have not changed this flow and it has run successfully for over a year in O365 environment. Now I am get a date string error.  I added a log and the two dates in the flow are populating properly, but it is still suspending.

Here is the error: 

RequestorId: 31400ede-35c9-73f5-0000-000000000000. Details: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the workflow instance. Exception details: System.FormatException: The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is an unknown word starting at index 0. at System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyles styles) at Microsoft.Activities.Expressions.ParseDate.Execute(CodeActivityContext context) at System.Activities.CodeActivity`1.InternalExecute(ActivityInstance instance, ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager) at System.Activities.Runtime.ActivityExecutor.ExecuteActivityWorkItem.ExecuteBody(ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager, Location resultLocation) Exception from activity ParseDate DynamicActivity<DateTime> Cast<DateTime,Object> BuildDictionary<String,Object> Subroutine<Guid> Sequence Action Set Sequence Flowchart wfRollOffTask.WorkflowXaml_079e21c7_e642_45ac_8688_de2bde33ea2d


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5 replies

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Hi @juneaubugg 

I would suggest raising an issue ticket with the support team (, they will be able to investigate the error further.


The culprit is probably an incorrect date format (based on the error msg)

You can try to roughly pinpoint where the error occurs by using “Log to History”.
Just place a few “Log to History” action in your workflow and type in Milestone1 (for the first Log), Milestone2 (for the second Log) and etc

So, if the log display Milestone3 and not Milestone4 (because WF gets suspended), there culprit is between Milestone3 and Milestone4.

Narrow down the scope, to locate which action is calling the workflow to be suspended.  


Hope that helps

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Hi Garrett,


I did place log to history right where the dates are formatted and they both populate the way they always have. 

I tried moving a action before this that doesn’t have any date fields in it, (it creates a new list item) and that did not run so that makes me wonder where the wf is looking for the date format that is failing.  

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Hi @juneaubugg 

Have you found which action or set of actions which is causing the WF to be suspended?

If NO, add more Log to History action into your workflow.

Find the Log to History which didn’t display and the last Log which displayed. The culprit actions is between both these Log to History


The other which you could do is to replace the date variable with a hard coded date value. So when you used the hard coded value, does the workflow get suspended?


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Hi @juneaubugg 
Have you resolved your question? 

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No - we rebuilt it though.  Not sure why it stopped working.