Storing approval comments and attachment on the nintex form for next approver

Hello, i was wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction. I am building state machine workflow with nintex responsive forms and multi stage approval tasks. The workflow is as follows: 

1.  Create a request with basic information on the form (this kicks off the approval process)

2. Task is created (email is generated) to approve a form with comments and attachments from approver

3. Form is approved/rejected which kicks off another task for another approver to approve or reject with comments. 


Is there a way to include the comments and attachments from step 2 (1st approver) onto the form for the second approver to see and review before they approve the form? 

Or is there a way to move the same form through the approval stages with comments and approvals accumulating on the same form? So far I am creating two different forms for two different approval tasks. 


I am using Nintex forms for SharePoint (not 365) if this matters. Appreciate anyone's help on this!!


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Yes, it is doable, follow the below steps:

  • Create a column, "Approver Comments" in your list with multiline text.

  • In the workflow after completion of every task action, an "Update Item" action, and set approver comments as shown below

  • Add the "Approver Comments" column to your Nintex form whereever you want to show, make it as "Read-only"

Hope this helps!

Thank you, this worked!

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Glad to know it helped, please mark it as accepted solution so that it is helpful to the community,