Query Excel Services - is this still possible in SharePoint 2019?

  • 13 April 2022
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My understanding is that Excel Web Services were deprecated with SharePoint 2016, yet some instructions are available to setup online services to allow it to still function.  Has anyone done this in SharePoint 2019, or come up with an alternate way to extract data from a spreadsheet to create list items via workflow?


I have done some smaller spreadsheets (like 30 columns) by exporting as a CSV, creating a collection, "popping" off columns one at a time to only create collections from the columns I need, and using that info to create list items.  But the new spreadsheet has over 100 columns, and I need maybe 15 of them, so Query Excel Services makes more sense, in that I can pick and choose the columns I need.

1 reply

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You could create a workflow that will first break the comma-separated values up by row.

Then break each row up and put each value into a variable and then create an item based on the variables.  The attached example works with 3 columns but could easily be expanded to the 15 that you need by adding branches to the switch action that looks for the required column number.


An alternative would be to use Nintex RPA to create the items for you based on the spreadsheet.