Print to PDF in Nintex Forms - Overlapping Text

  • 30 June 2023
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Hi All,

We have a Nintex O365 New Responsive form which has got 6 pages and is text-heavy. All the pages except 2nd page has got controls and text whereas the second page has only labels with text. When using the Print to PDF option, the content from 3rd page is overlapping to 2nd page and the output is becoming unreadable. Any ideas to fix it?




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Hi @boslay.aravind 

Firstly, try using different browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Safari) or PDF print drivers (Adobe, Microsoft). They may give you different outputs that may or may not solve your issue.

Second, you could capture the entire screen as an image and then print this image as PDF. This will give the exact rendering as the browser but users will not be able to select text from the PDF.

As a last resort, there is always Document Generation. 

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Hi @Garrett 

Thanks for your response.

  1. I have tried different browsers and it consistently reproduces the same issue.
  2. Tried different print drivers as well as physical printer. Issue is consistent.
  3. As I mentioned in the request, the form has 6 different tabs and is text heavy. Printing each item by capturing the image is gonna be so time consuming for end users and hence not an option.
  4. You’re right DocGen is an option. But if this can be fixed directly in the form somehow, then nothing like it.
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@boslay.aravind ,


The printing of forms in a new responsive form is handled by the computers printing functionality.

As this is the case the printing is not happening on the Nintex side.  That being said I suggest contacting Nintex support so that they can have the development team look at the form and see if there is something that we can be doing better at the Nintex end to resolve the issues. 

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Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if that's the case. Reason being, for multi tabbed forms, the PDF output we get on Ctrl+P is only the first tab whereas the Print button on Nintex Forms gives data from all tabs. It looks like Nintex has got a separate control over the Print functionality and is not solely dependent on the computer’s printing functionality. I could be wrong, but I have raised a support ticket for the same.

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Hi @boslay.aravind You can try to switch browsers then change the margins, and scale on the print settings, You may also try and group controls in panels.

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@Florence Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried that as well but was not lucky.

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Hi @boslay.aravind


can you please confirm what version of the forms designer you are using? Classic or Responsive? 

also can you please check and ensure you have the most up to date Nintex forms installed. 

it is possible the CSS version for print view you are using is no longer being interpreted correctly by your browser. 

for classic forms however sometimes the spacing between controls and post rendering size of controls can cause overlapping. 

lookup, people and sql fields are very common culprits of this, give them more space or use panel controls to surround them and stop them affecting other controls post render. 


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@Jake Thanks for that elaborate comment. Highly appreciate that. To answer your questions


version of the forms designer you are using?: New Responsive Form Designer

I have tried adding more spacing , labels, groups etc but it was not helpful

I also raised it with Nintex support and they have acknowledged that it is a defect and would be fixed in one of the upcoming releases.