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Anyone has a solution of how I can clear this message to preview a form? I’ve already published a major version but it did not clear the error.




Best answer by SimonMuntz 1 June 2023, 01:37

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The reason for this error is because the form has been saved more than 99 times. With each save a minor version of the form is created.


To resolve this issue follow these steps.

- In Nintex Designer export the Form

- In Nintex Designer delete the Form

- Close Nintex Designer

- Reopen Nintex Designer

- Import the Form


Please Note

As a practice before deleting any form create a backup by doing the following.

- In Nintex Designer export the Form

- Close Nintex Designer

- Created a brad new list (template on the other list with nothing on it)

- Import the Form

ok, thanks for the info. I’ll give it a try.

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@Tosha Please let us know if Simon’s response solved your question!

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Hi @Tosha have you managed to clear the error? 

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This worked for me - I had 4 significant forms on my site.  One had 149 published versions, with many more saved/unpublished.  Once it presented this message, none of the forms on my site would preview - even ones with only 4 versions.  Fortunately, I religiously export versions of the form and store in a doc library.

I had to go into each form and delete and reimport my last published version, then all was well.  To be clear, I started with the list with 149 versions, and it fixed it.  But the other forms with only a handful of versions still presented the preview issue.  As I deleted and imported each one, it was fixed.