People Picker Name to string

  • 22 April 2021
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I have a form that uses people picker. I need to copy the people picker name and change it into a string so I can store the persons name as a string and save it in a workflow collection variable (to be used in a generated document).


Thanks for any help.



2 replies

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@AndrewRobinson People picker controls allows you choose the properties by clicking on the 3 little meatballs next to the field, that should allow you to get what you need and store as a string.



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@AndrewRobinson people picker has multiple names of the single name? If it's a single name then as @leighburke suggested, you can set the string variable to lookup current item people picker field and select display name from clicking 3 dots "...".


If they have multiple or combinations then you need to:


  1. Use RegEx & people picker column to store them in a collection.

  2. Using For Loop get each name in the single text variable

  3. Using Set Variable get the display name

  4. Store that value in a collection or use that single value in each loop