Only allowing 1 choice from multiple choice fields

  • 8 September 2021
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Hi, I've got a simple problem where I need to ensure only 1 choice is selected from all the multiple drop downs (which are each connected to Sharepoint Choice fields). So I only want 1 to be selected per form submission.


have tried XOR, isNullOrEmpty, and none of them seem to work. They all seem to pass through without enforcing the single choice across the above controls.


 Any suggestions on what I'm doing wring or what I should be using to make this work?


Many thanks,



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Hey @DimH ,


u could do it this way:


create 9 formularvariables:



for each of ur dropdown create a variable with the formula:


IF(URDROPDOWN == "", "0", "1")


That means if ur dropdown is empty set the value 0 if not set it to 1.


Create one Count variable and set it up like that:



in the Count variable u will add up the other created variables (so the values will add up).


at the end u will create a validation rule on ur save button:




that will check if the value of Count is bigger than 1... if its bigger (a user has filled out more than 1 dropdown) then u cant save.


hope this helps.

Excellent, thank you Aleximo - that worked. Just to translate the dialogs to English:




Thanks again for your help 🙂