Nintex Workflow to run an audit log

  • 30 May 2022
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I was just wondering if it's possible to create a site workflow that has the ability of running an audit log on a SharePoint site.  I have the ability to run an audit log on a site, but would like to setup a workflow that runs this report on a weekly basis.  I am a Site Collection Administrator, but the requestor does not have this access, so is unable to manually run these reports.  We are unable to provide the requestor with this access, so would like the ability to run a workflow that creates this report for the user.

Is this possible? If so, how do I set this up?


The site in question is on-premis, not cloud.

1 reply

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Assuming that your Audit can be launched (or is being done) via a Workflow, then it should be trivial to create a Scheduled Site Workflow to do what is you're looking to do. 


Just use the Gear in the top ribbon of SharePoint and go to Nintex Workflow:


If the Site Workflow is already make you can go to Schedule site workflows and schedule it, or if you need to make it, first go to Create Site Workflow at the top:


Once you're in the Scheduling section, click on Add Schedule: 


And then set your parameters for which workflow you'd like to run when, and how many times it should run: