Nintex Workflow Assign Flexi Task in a State Machine Stuck at 2nd state of State Machine

  • 20 July 2021
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Hello everyone,


I have a multi-level approval process where each state will have an Assign Flexi Task. All Flexi tasks have reminders for every 15 minutes (interval is so short for testing purposes). Have a State Machine with 5 different states. At 1st state the Flexi task completes fine. And at 2nd state Flexi task assigns as expected and receiving the task email too. But here the workflow seems stuck on this step. Not getting reminder emails even after waiting for several hours. If I go and respond to the task also nothing happens. Tasks are still shown at the Not Started state. And if I try to respond 2nd time the task says it's locked (probably because I already responded) but the workflow is just stuck there and not moving forward/ not sending reminders.

Tried adding a pause or Commit pending changes before Assign Flexi Task actions. But this is not helping in any way.

Any insights why this happening.

I tried re-importing the workflow, removing the entire state machine, and building all Flexi tasks again. But couldn't resolve this or not finding where the workflow has problems with. Any help is greatly appreciated.




8 replies

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Do you see any errors in the workflow history? In the workflow history page, on the top there is a blue information icon, have you looked there for any error details?

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No errors (at least visible ones). If we look at the workflow history it just looks like it's awaiting for a response on the Flexi task.

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How many participants there to approve/reject the task? Is it waiting for someone else to approve/reject?

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Workflow assigns individual tasks to a SharePoint group. Currently, there are 2 people in the group. And Flexi task configures to take First response applies. Also the issue I first noticed on the workflow is it's not sending reminder emails. And another issue I realized is even if I go in and respond to the task nothing happens in the workflow. If I terminate the workflow am receiving Response not required notification.



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I would try below:

  • Copy the Flexi Task action that is working well and paste and replace with that is not working

  • Increase the reminder time to 30 mins or 60 mins



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Ok, I copied flexi task from State machine's 1st state (where reminders and approval process) is working. Copied this to the 2nd state where I have a problem. Increased all the Reminders interval to 30min.
Ran the workflow and again it's the same behavior... for 1st state, I got an approval task, reminder email after 35 min. After responding it went to 2nd state and send another Flexi task. Waiting since an hour, no reminder email... and after an hour responded to the task but the workflow just sits there and not moving on to the next steps. The workflow history shows it's awaiting a task response which I already did..

I once tried responding for all tasks (from all states of state machine) immediately after receiving the initial task mail without waiting for reminder emails - then the workflow ran all the steps fine. The issue seems to occur only when I wait for reminder emails.

Below is my reminder email setup, not sure what's wrong in the setup:




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Also noticed this:


Started workflow

State machine state1: Approval task wait for the reminder  - respond to the task

State machine state2: Approval task - received task email - but no reminder email and workflow stuck here - even if I respond to the task workflow is not making any progress further and log history shows workflow is still awaiting a response on state2 Flexi task


State machine state1: Approval task - respond to the task without waiting for a reminder

State machine state2: Approval task - received reminder email as well - able to respond

State machine state 4: Now because I wait for reminders on state2, on state 4 Flexi task - I only received task email and no reminder email shows up from this step.


Can I conclude my actual issue here is in the entire workflow I only can get reminders from one state of the state machine and after that from the next states the workflow sends Flexi task email and get stuck there?

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Hi Soni,

Its better submit a ticket with Nintex Support ( as they have access to see your tenant specific logs.