Nintex SharePoint QR code generator

  • 14 August 2020
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I thought I would share how to generate dynamic QR codes using free API, Nintex live forms and SharePoint

1. Create a list e.g.
"Client Name" - Single line of text

"State" - Choice or single line of text (whatever your preference)
"QR code and link"  - Single line of text.  (important for the moment)

2. Create a new form 


3. Connect "client name" and "state" to the list.

4. Create 2 calculated value components.

5. In 1st calculated value enter the following formula 

"[your nintex live url]"
+"%26ClientName%3D"+replace(ClientName," ","%20")
Note: Remember about URL encoding you can look it up here  

The APi I used is from which is a free service.



6. Enter name of the calculated value "UrlLink" 




 7. Enter following formula in 2nd calculated value 

<a href='+UrlLink+'> <img src='+UrlLink+ ' alt= "QR CODE" style="width:150px;height:150px;">


 8. Connect 2nd Calculated value to "QR code and link" (it will only allow you to connect to single line text)

   9. Hide 1st calculated value using css (display:none;)

   10. When you open the form you should see QR code generated 



 the QR code will change depending on the values you entered in "state" and "client name".

Note: If you try to save now, you will get an error because links cannot be saved to a single line of text.

11. Open the list click on "QR code and link" and change it to Multiple lines of text - Enhanced rich text 


 Now when you click save on the form you will be able to save the QR code into your list .








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URGENT: - Can I use for Live SharePoint Environment using free for lifetime.