Nintex: How to determine URL to XML file in QueryXML

  • 23 April 2021
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In SharePoint 2016, I created a list that has a repeating section. I now want to extract field values from the repeating section. Created a List workflow that has QueryXML in it. 


I am able to retrieve values using XML Source = XML.

But I do NOT know what to put in "URL to XML file"


How do I know what is the URL to XML file? Thanks.





3 replies

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@guru2000 follow below steps:


  1. Create a multi-line text column RepSec_XML and make sure it is plain text (otherwise XML code won't work)

  2. On Nintex form give a name to your repeating section repsec_XYZ and connect this repeating section to the above RepSec_XML column

  3. Create a test item

  4. In the workflow --> In query XML:

    1. Change XML source from URL to XML in the dropdown

    2. In XML use the XML code from the test item you have created

    3. Using XPath Builder and Tree View select the fields you want

    4. Store each field in collection variables

  5. Manipulate the collection using For Loop, Index, and Collection Operations and get the data for each row of repeating section.

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Thanks Kunal. But why do I have to change XML source from URL to XML. I already have done that for testing that works. I want to know what to put under URL - XML Source = URL. What goes into the URL?
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If your XML source is coming from a link or a file in a library then you select your URL in the dropdown and provide the URL and credentials to get the XML code.


If you have the XML source available in one of the column then change the dropdown to XML and URL to XML file will be change and you can insert a variable or item property or hard code the XML code.