Nintex Form: Using lookup value to pass as filter to list view control

  • 8 February 2023
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I have a Nintex form on a list (SharePoint 2019).

I have a lookup control that points to list “Standards” and save only the value back to a SLT field “Standard”

I have a List View on the form that points to a list “Requirements” that has a column called Standard.  I wish to pass the Standard value from the lookup control (either item property or control value as it does not change) as a filter to the Standard column for the list view to filter upon.

Unfortunately all attempts have failed.  When I look at the text for the column “Standard, it looks fine.  The control however still has the ID value.

Things I have tried:

  • creating a calculated value parseLookup(Standard, true) pointing to the Standard named control (since a calculated value of the named control showed all the ID value jank) and using that as a filter, set to change on view, edit
  • When I use the item property
    • on New form, the entire list view displays as it should
    • Once I choose a Standard and save, coming back in via Edit or Display shows “No items in this view”

Has anyone had success with passing a lookup value to a list view?  I even played around with using a CAML query but no joy.

3 replies

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Can you please provide some screenshots of what’s going and the general layout /settings of all these controls. It’s difficult to parse with just text alone. Thank You

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Main lists:

  • Annual Reviews - this is where the form lives
  • Standards - where you select the filter
  • Requirements - where the list view is created from

Form on Annual Reviews (crude form, just starting a conversion from Responsive to Classic):

Settings for lookup control:

Settings for list view control:

How new form presents before selecting Standard:

After selection:

I added a calculated value to the form to show what nmStandardNumber was and it came with the ID value attached.  I did a calculation where I did a parseLookup to return just the value and passed that to the List View with no luck.


Were you able to resolve this?  I am having the same issue.