Nintex form dropdown control item remove and restore

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We have a repeating section containing a dropdown control. User deleted several items from the dropdown list by mistake. The field was blank on the form, but I can still see the values in the repeating section xml.

I put back the deleted dropdown list items. the value re-appeared in some rows, but not all of them.  

The items I restored are identical to the ones in the xml.  



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How did the user delete the items in the dropdown control?
Did they edit the form and edit the choice control configured as a dropdown?

Is the dropdown a lookup control and the user deleted items from the lookup list?


If it’s a lookup control the issue is that that the item ID for the items changed when you added them back into the list. The repeating section XML is looking for item numbers that no longer exist.

The only resolution is to edit the XML to look for the new item ID or to re-enter the data on the form.

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It is not a lookup field. User edited the choice control.

I copied the value from the xml and pasted it back to the dropdown.  Some worked and some did not. I checked the special character and compared the value in the xml and in the dropdown. They are identical.  Not sure why the field is still blank.

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Now I see the problem. The existing record in XML has a trailing space.  A regular space, not a none break space #160; 

When I tried to add a trailing space in the dropdown item, it is converted to  

The dropdown will not match the xml