Nintex for Sharepoint 2019 on premise Parent-Child Forms

  • 31 May 2023
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How do you Make a Parent Form with Child subform that you can add itmes or modify existing child items.  And Possibly have an Import from CSV option. 

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In SharePoint, each form is associated with a list item. As this is the case it is not possible to have child forms that manipulate child items.

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I understand that . I did not know if you could use a repeating field control or list view control to see children in another list that are linked by a lookup column. 

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Hi @tam82 


It would be good to understand the use case so we can best advise, Repeating sections are okay for simple data storing on an item, list view controls can be used and filtered based on the ID lookup, it is also possible via use of a workflow to combine the use of a repeating section/list view control to create items in another list.


Again however depending on what it is you are trying to do there might be better options as I would avoid overly complex solutions if possible as it makes moving into the cloud where some of the methods used very difficult (at this moment in time)



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Hi @tam82 
Have you resolved your question? 

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We can not move to the cloud and I want to make a more robust system.   I have a Main list that has sub items.   Wanted a form where i could submit a main item and the sub components linked.  Why the Parent-Child relationship was the option 

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This might be worth checking out: Nintex Form Controls for Nintex Forms (

I do not know anyone who has used this, nor have I used it.