List view on a site page - changing the style to increase list item size

  • 7 April 2022
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I am using Nintex in SharePoint 2019 on our company intranet. I have a site page where I am displaying a list view. The problem is, the users are very elderly and I need the font size to be significantly bigger. The browser view settings will not cut it - increasing everything on the page including the banner, logo, etc is not helpful. I need some way to increase the list view item size. The font is so plain and light within the list view. This is fine much of the time but for this subset of users it is not workable. Are there styles I can get to, maybe with a content editor or script editor? Is there some other approach I am totally missing? I am not having much luck finding what I am looking for. Appreciate any ideas.


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I suppose it's possible in the classic pages, but I don't recommend doing it... if it's an issue you'd like to fix on all classic pages, I suggest injecting the CSS using a user custom action instead of using Content Editor Web Parts.

However, I personally feel it's technical debt that isn't providing much value in return.

For the future soul looking for options, add a Script Editor to the site page and add this snippet:


<style type="text/css">
.ms-vb2, .ms-vb {font-size: 18pt;}