Link between content types Nintex forms in display mode?

  • 23 January 2019
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I am posting this question because I need some help.

So what I wanted to do was a product order system. Were the user/buyer clicks on new item. Then get to choose some options. Depending on the chooses the user is then presented with a "Next form" button. This leads to a chain of customized Nintexed forms one for each type of products. So depending on which product the user choose, they be will direct a different content type and a different form. Once they are through all the forms in that chain they get to the "Submit" form and submit the request to buy a product with their specifications.


A Nintex workflow then sets the item to read for the creator, so they cant change their request while we are working on it.


But! They sometimes want to go in to see what they actually selected.

So what I want is for the user to be able to see what they have selected during their order, and I am open for any solution.


But because the number of options is so many over different forms I am reluctant to make a Calculated filed with will summarize all the options made, they are simply to many.


So here is my dilemma. The way the navigate through the forms "As is", is that I have a "Next/Back form" button in each Nintex form which is a "Save and Continue" button with a URL direct to the next form. Which will not be available to use in "Read"/"Display form". I know of the option to enable the button in the form whiles in Display form. But it docent redirect to the correct URL. It will direct to the latest content type the item was saved on. Despite the URL including the content type ID code. But it works perfectly whiles in "Edit mode".



I am no wizard with Java script and I have tried all possible ways I can think of. but I am not stuck.

If someone has an idea, or some advice I would really appreciate it.


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Tommy, this is a complex solution you are wanting to achieve and I believe its possible based on my knowledge of both SharePoint and Nintex. You can have a form that allows them to select their "content type" which would then present a few fields that were pertinent to that content type. 


Another thought would be to treat each topic like its own form and then have a page where they select the order item and then hit one form vs. using a form to try and manage that. Also, may I suggest you try mapping out the process flow in a bit more details so you can avoid any traps. 


Good luck and let us know if you need more help

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I solved it with a Show/hide par at the top when the forms is in read, a menu is displayd with all the forms links to the diffrent content types. Thank you for the suggestion.