Issues in copying Person or Group field values

  • 19 January 2022
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In SharePoint 2016, I am using a site workflow to copy over content from one list to another. I am using a Create Item control. All fields are getting copied over successfully. However, I have a Owners field that is of Person or Group type. The workflow reports an error. 


I created a variable called var_Group of Person Or Group type in my workflow. Then stored the Owners value into it. The Owners field in my destination list is grabbing data from this variable in my Create Item control. The return type is string.


Any ideas. Thanks a bunch.




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1 reply

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I resolved it. The Owner left the firm. Hence, the Create Item control in my workflow was failing to copy it over to the destination list. The Copy command works; however. That is what I am using now. The Copy command copies and paste metadata and does not verify if the user is an active user.