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  • 10 March 2023
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Hello! If someone posts a URL in a form, is there a way to have that URL show as a hyperlink when viewing the form?


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7 replies

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I assume that “viewing the form” means opening an item in display mode.

If so, would it then be sufficient to display a label with the link which is only visible in Display mode?


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No… I don’t think so. Let me explain some more: I made a form in sharepoint that links to a sharepoint list. When someone fills out the form, they submit URLs in short answer boxes. When someone double clicks on the line item from the sharepoint list, it opens the form that the user submitted. Is it possible to format the response in a link so you can click in the short answer vs. having to copy and paste the URL into the browser? 

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Trying to understand what you'd like to achieve which sounds interesting. What if you add the link (as defined above) behind the Short Text box.? Or am I missing something?

But you cannot ‘format’ the Short text box itself as a hyperlink.

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Let me explain some more with screenshots :) Someone used the published form to submit a link:


And then I go into the Sharepoint list:


Double click on it to open up the submission:



Here is the link but you have to copy/paste it to open it. Is there a way to make it a hyperlink so when reviewing the form, you can just click on it?

I really appreciate your help! :)

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You are doing so well! Your form looks well handled.

This is where I would add a hyperlink to this field value as described above. Right there:


  1. add a Label behind the Link Closure Document field.
  2. Shrink the label field to a minimum.
  3. Add the text Open link in the label field
  4. Hyperlink this text to the value of the form control with the link (see below)
  5. You might want to limit the visibility of this ‘link label’ to Not visible on New Form input.

When clicking ‘Open link’ it opens in your browser. (And what many people do not know: when clicking it by pressing the mouse wheel it opens in a new tab in your browser leaving this form open).

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YAY!!!! That worked!!! Thank you so very much! 😄 The video helped me immensely and was easy to follow. I’m just getting into nintex forms and this walkthrough was wonderful!

Thanks again for your help! I appreciate you 😊

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