How do I extract data from a repeating section in nintex workflow

  • 7 January 2021
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an issue I have with repeating sections.

I don't know how to work around extracting data from this type of section.

Whenever I do try to extract data, this message appears: " Error processing XML. Expression must evaluate to a node-set."

Also, am I limited to extracting XML data from repeated sections by using XPath?


Apart from this, can someone also clarify the difference of repeating sections to repeating values?

3 replies

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  1. Create MLT (with plain text) column in a list. The plain text type is very important since it's going to store XML code of your repeating section

  2. On the form, connect your repeating section to the MLT column you've created in step # 1. You can remove this MLT column from your views in the list.

  3. Now, create a workflow, and:

    1. Use Query XML and use the MLT column from step # 1 as a XML source

    2. Use collection variable to store all the different values of your controls you've put in repeating section

    3. Use one of the collection for "For Loop" and get the index also

    4. Use collection operation for other collections using index

    5. Then using build string you can create the HTML code as per your requirement

    6. Create another MLT column for showing this HTML code, make sure it allows Rich text for this

Let me know if this works for you.


- K


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Yes, you have to use XPath to access your nodes.
//Item/MyControl for example

I am facing same issue, could you please provide information for below values in Repeating section

employee name

project name

work package name



Thanks for advance