Getting current user for editing Nintex Forms

  • 20 January 2023
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I’m building a Nintex form for Sharepoint 2019 and I can’t seem to get the Current user function to work well with UserEquals for rules. It seems to fail to evaluate UserEquals to True even if the Current user editing the form is in fact the user it should be comparing to. The goal is that users first fill out a request form, which gets saved as an item in a list, and then users from a receiving department add more specific information that the initial requesters would not know or be familiar with for an executive branch to know exactly what the request entails. I want to make the areas to add the more specific information only visible to the users that would know what to fill out there when they receive the initial request, not to anyone sending an initial request (as those initial users would maybe guess what has to go in there leading to confusion down the line).

If I could get the Current user check to work I could also make sure that a user has filled out everything they have to and add a check to the save button on the Nintex form.

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