Get repeating section information from multiple list items

  • 17 April 2023
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I have a site workflow that will collect all of the information in the list, including information in each list item repeating section, and then generate a document. I’m having trouble extracting the the xml information inside a For Each action. I can get the document generated with repeating section information from the first list item but nothing after that.

Any help would be appreciated


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2 replies

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Hi @arobins 


It would really depend a lot on the structure of the data you would like when it is generated. 

If you just want all of the data to be collated together in a single table then use the collection operation (join) to combine data as you go.


For example If I have a repeating section that I am using queryXML to get the columns from, I would have 2 sets of collections for each column (Live, Store)


Say I have 3 columns (Column A, Column B, Column C) I would do the standard operation to get the data from each of the columns but using the for each time loop I can loop for each of the SP list items, lets just do column A for example.


Inside the loop immediately after the QueryXML action I also want the collection operation action set to Join.


If my Column A QueryXML is set like this to store inside Column A Live


Then I want the collection operation to join Column A Live with Column A Store


After that it is important to clear Column A Live for the next loop, again using a Collection operation, this time set to Clear.


What this will do is take the values stored in the QueryXML output and store them in a larger collection, then the loop with continue and store all of the values again essentially concatenating the data. 


In your Document generation you would use the Store collections as this should contain all of the data from all of the items.


Hope this helps. 

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Hi @arobins 

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