Exporting a workflow and importing to another list creates a duplicate Workflow Status column

  • 2 September 2022
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SharePoint 2019, On Prem version:

I created a list and workflow in the Test environment.  Now I am ready to create the list template and export/import the workflow and move to the Prod environment.  When I do this, I see the Workflow Status column is being duplicated in the Prod environment.  It sees to be coming with the list template.  What is the best practice for the migration process to new environments?  The screen shot attached shows the workflow from the Test but its not in Prod yet.


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Hi @sdkoch1042 


Similar method.

1. Create Primary List from existing List

(Creating List Templates requires SP Admin privileges.)

2. Create any Lookup List from existing List or from Excel.

3. Export Form from Test/development environment.
    Export Workflow from Test/development environment.

4. Import Form from Test/development environment. Publish
    Import Workflow from Test/development environment. Publish

5. Check for any Dependencies to the Test/Development environment.
    e.g. Images (stored in Documents and used if Forms)
    e.g. Documents and Templates (stored in Documents and used by DocGen)
    e.g. Web Services / Databases (switch to Production servers)

    e.g. any other items

6. Hide or Delete the additional Workflow Status

7. Final Acceptance Testing (FAT) or Final UAT.
    One final round of checking to ensure that everything is working correctly. 




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Hi @Garrett 


I dont have those options in my version of SP 2019.  I save the list as a template which I think is where the workflow is coming from.  There is no option to delete it once in the new site only to hide (which confuses everyone).

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I have tried the following on SPO and Nintex Workflow O365.

1. First Export/Backup your workflow (Development Platform)
2. Remove the workflow using the Nintex Workflow page/screen 

3. This will also remove the "<Workflow Name>" column.

4. Create your List Template.

5. Re-import your workflow and Publish (Development Platform)



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Yep, with on-prem I’ve learned (the hard way!) to deselect Create workflow status column and publish before saving the list as a template. Otherwise, the only workaround that I’ve found is to rename the workflow columns through the edit this list link. I append the column name with _OLD to eliminate confusion when setting views.