Creating a Thank You Screen after submitting Nintex Form?

  • 9 November 2023
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New to Nintex, wondering if there is a way to create a Thank You screen after a user fills and submits a SharePoint list item through Nintex Form. I’m creating a data request tracking tool within SharePoint, and it would be a nice detail to have a Thank You! with additional steps page after a user submits a data request to the site (instead of immediately taking them back to the list site). 


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Hi @Kevin_Canales 

Once the initiator has submitted a form… What I usually do is to send an acknowledgement email to the Form Initiator. This is done as an action in the Nintex Workflow.

You can use to send the Thank You and additional steps detail in this email

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@Kevin_Canales - If you have that page elsewhere in SharePoint, you can use the Redirect URL functionality of a Button control to send the submitter to that page upon submission. You’d edit the control and put the page URL in the Redirect URL field.

@Garrett’s solution works equally as well for getting that information to your submitters.

For more info, check out the bottom of the Control Settings table on the Button control page of Nintex Help.

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Hi @Kevin_Canales 

  1. Use the Redirect URL feature as mentioned by @Nintex_Sam - this will provide your form initiator immediate response after a form is submitted. 
    You will need to prepare a web page in advance.  
  2. Additional, you could also send an acknowledge email

Finally, if you are new to Nintex, I highly recommend you to check Nintex University 
@Nintex_Sam has done a great job with Nintex University