Converted PDF not getting copied to file share.

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello All,


I have made two simple workflows: "PDF Conversion TEST" and "PDF CopyFileshare". PDF Conversion TEST is on one list where I have only one workflow action: Convert document. This is converting a .docx file, which is present in my shared documents, to a pdf file. after conversion the pdf is stored into one custom library where the next workflow starts PDF CopyFileshare, as soon the pdf is uploaded. But this PDF CopyFileshare workflow always gives error as "Failed to start". It happen only when the converted pdf is copied directly from the PDF Conversion TEST workflow. I have tested it by uploading the same pdf manually in the library and it works fine. Only the converted pdf is having this issue. Can anyone help me on this as what can be this issue? 


Platform is SP 2016 on premise.

5 replies

Can anyone please help!

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hey @munmun,


is the PDF file created by the "SYSTEM" user?


and how is the start option configured in the workflow "PDF CopyFileshare" ?



the workflow that runs the converted pdf action we have tried to run by both system account and a user account.
For PDF CopyFileshare it starts as soon an item is created or modified.
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hey @munmun ,


which user creates the file? did u try to run the workflow with a user account with the "system" created file?


I know that a file created by the system user cant start a workflow... only if u set the start options as followed:




Erstellt is "created by"




@Aleximo I start the workflow with my id, but this all config is working fine in test server but not working only in production server.