Cannot find published Nintex Workflow

  • 1 December 2022
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I published a Nintex Workflow to my site with NWAdmin:

NWAdmin.exe -o DeployWorkflow -workflowName "Approve Changes" -nwfFile ApproveChangesWF.nwf -siteUrl http://server/site -username username -password 1234 -domain xyz -overwrite

The result returned by the tool is:

Workflow Published.

Yet, I cannot find the workflow.
When i go to Site Actions > Nintex Workflow 2010 > Manage site workflows, I cannot see my workflow, that I just tried to add.
I'm also trying to get the workflow programatically, there are no workflows in the site.

SPWorkflowCollection workflowCollection = spWeb.Workflows;

workflowCollection.Count //returns 0

How can I find this workflow?

2 replies

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@MandrilaFreeman Please post this in the Nintex for Sharepoint forum, so that the subject matter experts in that forum can help you faster.

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Try these steps to search for your workflow.

  1. Go to the Site Settings in a site where the workflow should have been published.

  2. Find the Nintex Workflow section and select the "Workflow Inventory" link to view the workflows on that site.

  3. If it is not there, click on the "View workflows for entire site collection" link to go to the Site Collection Workflow Inventory page. Here you can view all the workflows in the site collection.

  4. Use the list column filters to help you narrow the search for the workflow.