Attachment validation for nintex on Premise not working

  • 13 June 2023
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I am trying to submit a nintex form with an error message popping up if the there isn’t at least one attachment if the answer to a question is yes. 

This is the question and if it is answered yes, then there must be 1 attachment. Without an attachment the form should not be allowed to submit unless if both conditions are true.

I already made sure the minimum attachment is set to 1 but it still submits without any errors. 


Should I be setting rules on the submit button for this? Please advise on how I can make this work. 



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6 replies

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Hi @nikitapatel 


There are many ways to achieve solutions.

In this case I would leave your attachment control configured as it is.
Then add a rule to it equals(NameOfYourChoiceControl,”No”)

This hides the attachments control if no is chosen. When a control is hidden the validation on it no longer works so that means you can submit the form even though the attachment control says 1 attachment minimum.

If the user selects Yes then the attachment control will remain visible and the validation will work.
This would be the easiest way to do this.

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I have already configured the logic above. Where the attachments box is hidden if no is selected for the question. However, even when I test it where the answer to the question is yes, the attachments box shows up, but if I do not attach anything, it still submits without any issues. It should stop me since the minimum attachments is set to 1. 

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Hi @nikitapatel ,


I tested the solution before I provided it to you and it works for me.

Here is my form.

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Hmm, for some reason it isn’t working on my end, could be due to using SP2013 I do have little annoyances here and there. I appreciate your help on this. 

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@nikitapatel ,


If the test form is not working I suggest trying a different browser and if the issue persists then try a different computer. Apart from that, you may need to look at the developer tools in the browser (F8) and look for any errors.  It is possible that the companies group policy may be blocking the javascript.

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This is fixed in our hot fix released in May 2023. This release is not available on our Customer central. Please contact to get access to this release.