Users over writing others changes in Nintex Forms for O365

  • 11 November 2016
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This is a new one for me! Two users can click on and edit the same Nintex Forms at the same time. When the first person saves the form the saves apply to the list, however, when the second person saves the form it overwrites the others changes. These are saves happening within 3 min of each other. User 1 change look like they apply in the list view, however, if the refresh their changes are gone. How can I get the system to only allow one save at a time. In the box forms would show a save conflict error.


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9 replies

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‌, I don't use Nintex Forms Office 365. However, I have shared this with some folks who I am sure do!


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‌, Kapil Josh,

Thanks, I forgot to update this one. I changed the button on the from from 'Save and Submit' to just 'Save'. Now when a second user tries to edit the item they get a save conflict message.

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The most obvious answer to me would be to apply the requirement to Check Out items to be able to edit them.

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Nintex Forms - Save or Submit - Vadim Tabakman 

Details on saving and submitting differences from Vadim here.

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Stephanie -

Note that the behavior you are describing is a function of normal SharePoint List item editing.  Whether you use Nintex Forms or not, multiple users may concurrently edit the same list item and its possible for one user to overwrite the data from another user unintentionally.

When using a Document Library instead of a plain list, you can prevent this as Ryan Greenaway‌ suggested above, by enabling the "Require Check Out" setting (List Settings -> Versioning Settings -> Require Check Out).

But if you are using a plain List, this option is not displayed in the UI.  However, there is a way to do this in PowerShell.  Here is how: Office Force Checkout on SharePoint Online list using Powershell 

Require Check Out is only available for document libraries.

The PowerShell workaround with "ForceCheckout" to active that option for lists is no longer possible. I tried it and get the following error message:

Ausnahme beim Aufrufen von "ExecuteQuery" mit 0 Argument(en):  "Die Liste unterstützt kein erforderliches Auschecken."
In Zeile:32 Zeichen:9
+ $ctx.ExecuteQuery()
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ServerException

The list does not support required check-out.

@stefc: I tried your solution, but unfortunately it doesn't work. There is no conflict handling.
The issue for SPO Lists is in that way not solved.
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Circling back to this topic 4 year later :)

How is everyone handling this situation now?   

Obviously you can’t do check in/out in SP O365 List.

My first thought was to have the form suck in the latest content from the item on the list prior to saving.   But haven’t figured out if that is a possibility yet.  

If it was anyone but my compliance team, I’d say “live with it”.