Unable to connect any rules to form submit button (action panel) in New responsive Nintex form 0365

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Hi ,

I have added some rules to my Nintex form under submit rules.If these rules are violated , form should not get submitted .But in new responsive nintex form , even with failed validation entries are getting submitted .I am seeing error message but if submit is pressed, values get inserted.

How to control this.Please suggest

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Could you provide some more details on what the Submit rules should be doing and how they are currently configured?

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Submit is part of action button.I have put some submit rules where when a field length is greater than 50 , form should error out.On pressing submit button , i am seeing the error but still the column with >50 length is inserted into the list.

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If you are trying to validate a Text - Short field, then you could instead use the “Input validation” option in the control configuration panel. Here’s how to do this:

1. Select the Text - Short control.
2. Set the Input Validation option to “Length”.
3. Set the “Maximum number of characters” option to 50.

This will not allow a user to enter more than 50 characters in the Text - Short field.


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It is a multiline text box as I need to allow 500 characters in production run. Hence I added the validation rule at submit rule, but it is not working as expected.What can i do to make submit form validation work and stop values from getting inserted on submit 

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If it is a Text - Long control. there should be a property named “Maximum number of characters” when you select the control in the designer.  This allows you to enter a number for the maximum number of characters to use in validation.

If you do not see that control option, then you can still do this with a combination of a form variable and a control variable. Follow these steps to use this method:

1. Create a form variable.

  • Name = intDetailsLength
  • Type = Integer
  • Value = length(Form.Details)     “Details” is the name of the Text - Long control.
  • Click the Create button,

2. Create a Submit rule.

  • Click on the Rules tab and then the “Add submit rule” button.
  • Name = Limit Details to Less Than 500 Characters  (or whatever you would like)
  • If intDetailsLength Greater than 500
  • Then Details Show validation error “Details must be less than 500 characters”
  • Click the Create Rule button.

3. Preview the form to test it out.



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I have done exactly what you have mentioned here.If you will click submit, ideally data should not go through but here it will get inserted .Pls click submit and check.

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I tested my solution with the form variable and rule. Everything works as expected. I am not able to submit a form when the Details field contains more than 500 characters. When I add more than 500 characters and click the Submit button, I get the validation message on the field and the form will not submit (see image below).

Please send more information about your form configuration (controls, rules, variables) and maybe some screenshots of what you’re seeing.


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I am getting the similar message when the validation fails but data still gies in.Can you try to submit and check ? Data would get submitted even if form is showing validation error

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HI @gsingh 

You should provide screenshots of your Form Rules and how you configure it.

Once you provide those screenshots, @bamaeric should be able to resolve the issue.


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When I publish and open the form in the list, I am not able to save and submit the form when the Details field has more than 500 characters.  I get the screen in my most recent reply before this one. The validation is working for me as expected.

Could you send more information from your form configuration? How is the Text - Long control configured? Do you have other rules on the form that might be conflicting with this one? Maybe some screen shots.