Task form not saving user inputs

  • 28 October 2019
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Having fairly odd behavior with a specific Nintex for O365 Workflow. I have an "Assign Task" action within a workflow where the user checks 3 seperate radio buttons and types in information during their approval task. However, after they hit "Save and Submit" their inputs for those 4 fields are not saved. I have verified that all the fields are enabled, connected to a SharePoint Column, and the button is set to "Save and Submit". Am I missing anything? Any input/suggestions are welcomed!


In the attached image, the fields outlined in red are the ones not saving.   


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6 replies

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Looks like you're using the Classic Designer.
I've been using the new Responsive Designer in O365.
My experience in this case is the original field name will have a prefix called "RelatedList__" and in the left panel the control category is named, "Related List Columns".
So when executing the Assign a Task action, the Task Form is in Edit mode by default.
So any changes made in the Task Form for the Related List Columns is updated in the original item (along with recording the reviewer comments and what you call the Final Conclusion).
Try the new Responsive Designer in O365 for your adjudication form.
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I would use the new Responsive designer and use variables to capture the data and save it to the list using the workflow once task is actioned.


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I don't believe the Classic Designer has anything to do with this. The reason I say that is because there are 2 other seperate workflows that have similar approval tasks that work just fine. Also, this form is for a location outside of the US and the load time of the responsive forms are awful compared to the classic forms.

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So other controls are saving and just not these 4 is that correct?
If so, try deleting the controls and then draging out new ones from the List columns section of the forms designer toolbox.
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@cjones did you ever get this resolved?

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No, not yet. We've tried deleting the controls and re-adding them, but with no luck. Currently we are in the process of just re-creating the task itself. If that does not work, then we will try recreating the workflow...