Start a Task Assign - Parallel - Wait for First Response - Being Suspended

  • 1 September 2022
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Hello community,


Platform: Nintex Workflow for O365

Start a Task Assign - Parallel - Wait for First Response - is being Suspended





RequestorId: 9cc29440-a295-8b99-0000-000000000000. Details: Exception was thrown while executing workflow instance. Exception details: System.InvalidOperationException: The activity 'SingleTask_CreateListItemCancellationScope' with ID 6731 threw or propagated an exception while being canceled. --->


When the Task Assign run, there is 2 Task Assign. 

The Participants is to 2 individuals and NOT a group.



Once a User has responded, the other Task is usually removed.
However lately, the 2nd Parallel Task remains and/or the workflow is Suspended

Seems like the other Task Assign cannot be removed and is causing the exception.


Nintex Experts, please help




2 replies

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Hi Garrett,


I'm going to recommend getting in touch with support for this one to see if it can be replicated. 


@SimonMuntz, have you seen this before?





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Hi @JRoberts 


Thank you so much for replying!


There was a thread in the community with a similar issue but there was no solution

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