Retrieve Person details via Office 365 Query List

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I need to retrieve a person's email details from a list in a different site (containing masterdata) within my tenant, and use the Office 365 Query List function.  The field being retrieved is the normal 'person/group' field but when I use the O365 Query function all it will retrieve is the Display name as text. 


I have tried defining the receiving variable as a collection and a dictionary but both produce the same results - just the Display name text.  The query itself is working, but I need an attribute of the field, not just the default text value.

This is what the CAML text of the query looks like:

<FieldRef Name="Employee"/>
<FieldRef Name="Site Location"/>
<Value Type="Text">Haile</Value>

Is there a way to specify the email details when entering the field name?  Employee.Email comes back with field not found.



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