Query SQL server on-premises inside Nintex Form in O365

  • 14 September 2022
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I have 2 use cases.


1st use case is in SharePoint online, we want to use Nintex Form on a SP list, say we have textbox fields, is it possible on the form to query on premises SQL database based on the user input? E.g. User enter a zip code and the form can populate data on another form label/textbox control (the data is stored in on premises SQL database)? 


2nd use case is on form submission, is it possible to stop the form from submitting if one of the field contains invalid entry? The logic for invalid is checking against on premises SQL database, if the value is not found in SQL, it's considered invalid. 


I saw there is something called SQL Request control in Nintex form for SharePoint on premises. Cannot find them on Nintex form on O365 or NWC. 


Thank you. 



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