O365 Workflow action 'Office 365 update items' generating error 'Unable to find list item to update'

  • 16 July 2020
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I'm working with a very simple test WF to try and resolve an issue with the workflow action 'Office 365 update items' which is generating the error 'Unable to find list item to update. Here's a picture of the target list:


That image shows a field called 'Reference' (single line of text) which has unique values. One of those values is 'GR-49'. So in the test workflow, I have the action 'Office 365 update items' set as per the image below:


So for testing I trigger this worklow manually of a 2nd list on the same site. I have Full Control permissions on the site and both lists. In the Items to update section I have tried setting the control to 'contains', 'is equal to' and 'begins with', all fail with the same error - and I can't see why.


Here's the kicker: If change the Items to update values to:
Update the items when column: ID is equal to 41 - then the action works. 


So is there something wrong with the way I've configured this action, or is this a bug?


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The account of your connexion have the right on your items ?

The field target of your filter haven't be renamed ? Try to use the internalName of your field. You can find it in the URL of your list column. Go to list settings, then clic on you column and check the name of the field in the URL 

For exemple for "Title" column


You can try to use the action "Update list items" if you want to update an item on curent site, it's better to use that action


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Nico, your advice on checking the target field name in the URL (and how to do that) was right - I had previously named that field 'Reference0' - different to the currently displayed name. Changing that in the WF action and the problem is resolved - thanks. BTW, for future readers of this post, in the settings for the filter I suggest you use 'contains' rather than 'is equal to', unless you validating against a number.


And as to why use 'Office 365 update items' vs 'Update list items' - with the O365 action you can update a value to null or empty - can't do that with 'Update list items', as far as I know.