Nintex Novice - I have a parallel block, what next?

  • 31 March 2023
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I am a nintex novice (IE not technical) but I am trying to build out a workflow for my form with multiple status updates.  

The form will be submitted by a team member.

I have a parallel block that is working.  After I review the form I have 2 status update options (either rejected or pending).  Each option will trigger an email.  This part is working.

After the pending step - i have one option.  it is essentially a 2nd pending step but with an additional piece of information.  How do i move into this action and have it trigger the email to the initiator?

After the above item is updated - I have 2 options (action required or final approval).  How do i move into these steps to trigger the appropriate emails?


5 replies

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Hi @Taylor Concilio 

  1. Pls confirm your Nintex environment - Nintex O365 Workflow (right?)
  2. Can you share either a simple diagram or a screenshot of the O365 workflow?
  3. What event is the Pending awaiting for? Reply from a Task Assign or pause for a specific duration or other events?


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  1. Yes i am using O365
  2. Please see attached (hope this makes sense)
  3. I didn’t like the Task Assign action - I didn’t feel it fit my needs.  I have tried the Run if and the Wait for event list and also the Wait for field change actions.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Taylor Concilio 

  1. Let’s forget about the codes for a moment. 
    What is it that you actually want to accomplish?

    Describe the ACTIVITY(s) that should occur from start to end. Below is an example. Certain ACTIVITY may involve manual tasks (print ID badge for new Employee) and once that ACTIVITY is completed, the User updates the Workflow.
  • User requesting for some item - eg Claims, Leave
  • User fills the O365 Form (fills ups the details) and submit Form.
  • Form gets routed to Supervisor for Approval - (Send Task Assign to Supervisor)
  • Supervisor may have to perform manual checking (eg User’s balance leave)
    Activity may be of Offline or Manual Type eg Prepare Work Area for new employee
  • Supervisor replies to Task Assign - Approve/Reject, Yes/No/Maybe
    Feel free to define the Outcomes - Yes / No / Maybe
  1. You didn’t answer this “What event is the Pending awaiting for? Reply from a Task Assign or pause for a specific duration or other events?
  2. Questions about your workflow code. Refer to yellow box


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Hi Garrett-

I will be using this nintex form to track a background process.  I have a drop down on the form with each Status (i created a column with the type set as choice):

  1.  Submitted to Ops Team - this is once my co-workers entered in all the required information and submit the form to me.
  2. Rejected - this is if the initiator filled information out incorrectly or is missing something
  3. ID pending creation - this status is to let them know I have entered the information into an external site but we are still waiting for the site to create the necessary ID
  4. ID created, bg pending - this status is to give the initiator the ID which our candidate will need to start the bg process.  
  5. BG cleared, action required - this is saying the bg is completed but I might need additional information for audit purposes.  
  6. Final Approval - entire process is completed.

I have not used the task assign action.  I was hoping that each time I update the status on the form, it would be able to trigger the associated action (ie email with update).  Hopefully it is possible to do it this way, but I might be mis-understanding using the workflow.


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Hi @Taylor Concilio 

  1. Is the process linear? Step1 → Step 2 → Step 3 (Opt) → Step 4 → Step5 → END
    Certain steps may be skipped . Step 2 → (Skip Step 3) Step 4
    But the flow is generally from Step 1 to Step 5
    You should use the Task Assign to move from on step to the next step
    Consider the Task Assign as a switch to move to the next step/stage/phase etc
  2. Is it the same team or a different team which does the updates?
    Feel free to replace team with individual, user, manager, etc. 
    This is best illustrated with a swimlane diagram. 
    The Task Assign should be route to the correct individual, individuals, supervisor, manager, team or group etc.