Nintex Form for Office 365 - Rule Condition - if choice field is blank

  • 25 January 2023
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I am migrating a SharePoint on-prem list to SharePoint online.  The SharePoint on-prem list had a custom InfoPath form which I am trying to replicate with Nintex Form for O365.  

In InfoPath I have a rule that will disable a field (make it read-only) based on certain values or blanks in other fields.  The problem I am facing in the Nintex Form rule is when adding a condition to check for blank on a SharePoint list choice field.  The default value on the field is left blank in the SharePoint list field settings but I cannot leave that option blank in the rule. 

Here a screenshot of my InfoPath rule:

And this is the rule as I recreate it in Nintex Forms.  I am using the new responsive designer. 


Is there a way to get around this? I’d rather not use the old responsive designer if possible.


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3 replies

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hi @tmfitz 


I recommend the following,

To check for an empty Form field, you can use the “Is empty”

The opposite - to check for a filled Form field, you can use the “is filled”

Should you want to use the “Equal” then use the formula “”


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Thanks @Garrett. The problem I was having is that there were only options of Does not equal or Equals.


Thanks for the suggestion of using the formula “”.  That will work for this case.

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Hi @tmfitz 

Sorry, I’m was using a Text Field. I missed out the yours is a Dropdown List

Anyway, glad that my suggestion manage to assist you