Nintex 365 Responsive list lookup displays ID instead of value

  • 2 October 2023
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I have a form with a list lookup element.

When connecting it to the correct list and sharpoint online column everything works as intended.

I can select streetnames from the form’s dropdown.


But after submitting its displaying the corresponding ID number of the streetname of the list, instead of the streetname itself.


When opening the sharepoint list item the streetname is visible.

When pulling the item from the list using PowerAutomate the streetname is also visible.

When intervening using PowerAutomate to create an item using the same list and bypassing the Nintex form the streetname is also visible.


What is happening in the form that it’s passing the ID value instead of the streetname.


I delete the control, published the form, readded the control and published again > no fix
I deleted the sharepoint list and column, recreated those > no fix
I created the sharepoint online views > no fix

I’m clueless.


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4 replies

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Is the sharepoint column connected to the lookup control a text column or a lookup column?
If its a text column, this may be why it shows the ID.

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The SharePoint column is a choice column with drop-down.

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If you use a lookup column in SharePoint does that resolve the issue?

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YES! After 2 weeks of endless troubleshooting and cursing, this seems to be the way to fix it. WOW…

At least for new items it works, for items already existing on the list it is not fixed but you can’t have it all.