Modify SharePoint List without deleting Nintex Form in Office 365

  • 23 July 2021
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If I am in the middle of editing my newly-created Nintex form and discover I've made an error in the underlying SharePoint list, is there away to go back and correct the list and update the form without having to delete the form and re-create it? 

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Yes, for best practice follow the below steps:

  • Save and publish your current Nintex form

  • Export and save a copy for backup

  • Make necessary changes to your list like adding new columns, delete unwanted columns, chang data type of existing colums etc.

  • Open the list in Nintex Designer, add new columns to canvas from "SharePoint Columns" section, remove deleted columns from canvas (if any).

  • If you have any rules that refers to deleted colmuns, delete them

Hope it helps.