Linking Control to SharePoint List

I'm trying to connect a control to display the data found in the column of a sharepoint list. At first, the box was displaying Loading... and now it's showing Overflow.


This is the formula that I am using:

lookup("Tracking", "ID", ApprovedContractor, "Contractor Name")


  • Tracking is the name of the Sharepoint List

  • ID - (I saw this listed in other solutions)

  • Approved Contractor: The named control

  • Contractor Name: The column that has the info that I want from the Sharepoint list.



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Here is how the lookup function works - lookup(“ListA”, “ID”, 1, “Title”)

The above function queries "ListA" for item with "ID" equals "1" and show the value from "Tilte" column.

So update your forumla as required, lookup(“listname”, “column to filter on”, "condition", “column to output”).


Is ApprovedContractor a numeric field?