Leave site? - Changes that you made may not be saved - Error message when Submitting form - O365

There is a new error message appearing whever I hit Submit on a form I am developing:








If I click Leave or cancel - the form submits as normal and takes me back to the SharePoint list as expected.


This error message appears in Chrome and Edge.


I have rolled the form back to a previous date, error still appears. 


Has there been an update to Nintex Forms O365 recently? This error only appeared today (Mon 11th May).


Any help?

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Hi @Keith-EHA,


I would suggest logging a support case(support@nintex.com) for this issue, they will be able to investigate further.

Thanks Leigh, will try that.
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Yes there are few updates on New Responsive Designer and this is one of the improvements they have made, I have already informed the team but still waiting for the response on that.


You can find the updates here: https://community.nintex.com/t5/Release-Notes/Nintex-Forms-for-Office-365-Release-Notes/ta-p/87909 


Kind Regards,


Thanks Ahmed 


I am not sure it is an 'improvement' to display that prompt when a user has completed a form...? 


I have users who now are uncertain to complete Nintex forms as they think that data they have entered will not be save/submitted. 

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Hi Keith,


Yes same here, users will not be sure if the form is submitted or not.




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Any update on this?  My users are now reporting the same message on 1 of the forms.


Hi @plamping -- from memory I ran the updates for Nintex O365 and it seemed to resolve the issue 

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How do I "run the updates"?

Is it by opening the form designer and selecting Publish and that pushes the new updates to your form?
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Update - I sent a question to Nintex Support about how to run the updates. They sent directions.

Based on my experience, I compiled this list of instructions that worked for me (your experience may vary):
If necessary, you may have to first renew the license. To do so, go to the SharePoint Admin Center, then "More Features" then Apps then to Purchase Apps, search for Nintex Forms and select. On that page, you may have to switch to classic SharePoint Store in order to see the "More actions" dropdown. Select More Actions -> Recover License.
Click on the arrow for more actions and click Renew License, then Continue. Then it says,

"We're getting the details of your new app...
Select Purchase to buy this App or select Cancel to return to the App detail page."

Select the blue button that says "Purchase."

Select Continue or Okay or whatever else it prompts you until it is done.

Then go into the sites where the app was previously installed, to the "Add an App" area and search to find and select the Nintex Forms app, where it now shows this, "There is a new version of this app. Get it now." with a blue button that says "GET IT." Select blue GET IT button.

It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.

After that, it will show this on any of your site stores, "Good news - you already have this on your site."
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Update 2 : although I installed the updates, that did not fix this issue. Users were still seeing the warning message. After further research, we determined that the cause of this warning message was that a flow was still running while the user had the form open. After a user saves the form, a flow runs to update the item history. We instructed our users to wait a few minutes after saving a form before going back into the form, and that resolved the issue.
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We have been experiencing this issues for almost two years. Is anything going to be done to resolve the issue? We’d like this prompt to stop coming up like everyone else I’m sure. It commits the changes but confuses the users so why is this coming up?