How to use Form based/Express Approval Assign Task Actions in one Go

  • 13 June 2019
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Use case is I'm showing the information captured in previous step of workflow via form need to show in next action where Reviewer A should see the request details in email. Reviewer A should be able to perform below actions:


1) Checking the request detail on email and extend approval by directly clicking on URL/Action button (Reject/Approve) via email or by responding to Reject/Approve to email

2) If Reviewer A thinks information needs to be updated he should click on the form link available in the form and edit or add some comments and submit form


Means, Reviewer A would have both options available at a time either he directly responds to email Reject/Approve or Reviewer A should click on form link to update/add information/comments.


Currently, I'm seeing a limitation i.e. when using Form based action and trying to capture response by directly replying to email (which is required in case of no modifications) then it is not working and saying "Invalid response" 

Or as an alternative, when trying to change task type to Express Approval and trying to embed the form link in Express Approval email, the link is not working rather it's appearing in non readable format. attaching screen shot for reference.


Lookign forward how to fix this or is this something we can't use Form based action and Express Approval Action together? 




1 reply

@utariq2 this is not something that is available out of the box. However, if you use express approval, you may be able to provide a link to the workflow task which would allow someone to then access the task item (form) and submit it from there. 


I have not tested to see if that will actually submit, but my gutt says it will since you are working directly on the list. However, doing this will also make the email response null. The reason this doesn't work for both express approval and form is because you would usually allow an appropriate response via express approval to capture what is needed. 


Why not add a third outcome for express approval which is to modify or whatever and run that all from one place?