How to align label and calculated field

  • 19 September 2017
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I'm new to forms.  I was wanting to align a label and a calculated field.  Is there an easy way to accomplish this?


also, I'm trying to get the input fields to only accept numbers and then auto convert them to a currency, ie; number.2 decimal places (100.99). Is there an easy way to accomplish this?



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3 replies

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In order to align the controls in 'Nintex Form', select the control by using the mouse and move it with the help of mouse or keyboard 'Arrow' controls (up/down,right,left). And you can see 'Preview' option before publishing the form.

And you can create a SharePoint list column of type 'Currency' like below to allow only numbers and 2 decimal places.

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If you need to center the input for a field (move it from the top) you will need to change the CSS Class. When you click on the field in the ribbon on the top you will see a box for formatting which will have the CSS Class. Add this in the box and it will center it for you:

 For a label:   nf-form-label nf-section

For a field:     nf-form-input nf-section

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Thanks very much for this.