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I have created a Nintex form that includes 2 groups.  I would like to hide the second group until after the form data for group A has been submitted.  I have created a rule that hides the second group until all of the group A fields are filled in.  But I really want to hide the second group from the form until after the initial form submission.  I'd like a rule that works in the following condition:

If data from group A has been submitted, then show group B.  

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You must have a criteria to distinguish if the user submitted the form or not. To achieve do the following:

  • Create a new column, "Submitted" and set default value to 0 (means not submitted)

  • In Nintex Form designer, go to Save button settings, map "Conneted to" value to "Submitted" column and  "Value Returned"  to 0

  • Add another button to your form, that will be shown as "Save & Submit" automatically, in its settings, map "Conneted to" value to "Submitted" column and  "Value Returned"  to 1

  • i.e. when user clicks on Save, the form is simply saved and returns 0 to "Submitted" column and when clicks on "Save & Submit" the form returns 1 to "Submitted" column

  • Update your rule on second group such that "If Submitted = 0, Hide the group" 

Hope this helps.

What type of column is Submitted, Number?  I am using the New Responsive Designer so there are no Save Button settings.  Also, I don't an option to add a button to the form.

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Submitted column - number data type.

And right, New responsive designer does not have a button control.

If you have any criteria to distinguish or identify when to show the second group, you can set the "Submitted" column value to "1" using workflow also. Hope this helps.

I am able to create a column with Number as the type.  However, the Submit button will not connect to a number column or Yes/No column.  The only way it seems to be working is if I create a Text column and set the default value as Yes.  See screen captures below:


FYI - The Review and Approval Section is the second group that should appear after the Submit button is clicked.



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Ok, with yes/no, is it working the way you want?

Can you explain further how to use a Nintex workflow to set the "Submitted" column value to "1"?

Am I missing something or could you not just use the Form Mode in your initial Group hide?  Then also apply your If data from group A has been submitted, then show group B as another rule.


If you are using the new responsive forms, and you don't have save and submit set up, just create a rule based on the form mode:

If the form is New Mode, then hide your group. Otherwise show it.