Get an item from dictionary with the look up field in the original collection

  • 16 May 2023
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Below is a sample of my collection returned in the Query list option in Nintex for Office 365. I am now looping through these items and trying to get the value of Title in the Tool array. What is the item path value  in get item from dictionary action? I tried various paths but nothing is working. I tried Tool(0)/Title but it doesn’t work. Please help.





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Hi @rythm 


Since the value which you wish to retrieve is nested, try using 2 Get Item from Collection.

1st Get Item from Collection
Dict: v_dict
Item name: Tool
Output: v_tool   which should be {“Title”: ”Backend”}

2nd Get Item from Collection
Dict: v_tool  (result from 1st Get Item)
Item name: Title
Output: v_title    which should be “Backend”

Alternative to 2nd Get Item (if v_tool is return as string type and not as Dictionary/Collection type)
1st Search and Replace → {“Title”: ” with blank string “”
2nd Search and Replace → “}  with blank string “”
Final Result → Backend 


The alternative method is to use Regular Expression or Regex.
This is possible when there is a fix text structure   

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Hi Garett,


This approach worked beautifully. Thank you so much!